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This site is all about anime/game/nerdy related pictures that I either find myself or reblog from other people. Probably the latter most of the time cause I'm a bit lazy :p If you want to try and search for your fave anime title do so down below and some pictures related should pop up. I post a lot of Naruto, since I find those are usually the best pictures, but I make sure to post a lot of other content including long running series, seasonal animes, childhood faves from the 90's and much more.




just a comparison between Suigimori’s official character art from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire  to the originals. The redesigns are pretty great in my opinion

I thiiink these redesigns were done by Yusuke Ohmura, not Sugimori but I could be wrong. The eyes are what make me think that.

Everybody gets an update except Phoebe cause she’s perfect.

Zankyou no Terror | Episode 6Ready or Not


If you use YouTube, you need to know this.

You’ve heard all these rumblings about Net Neutrality over the past several months. Let’s get real: this is about controlling online video. It is estimated that by 2017, video content will account for 80-90% of all global Internet traffic.

This isn’t just about not being able to binge-watch a series on Netflix. It’s about the future of online video as we know it.

Whether your YouTube channel is home to daily vlogs, short films, or just that one video from when the cinnamon challenge seemed like a good idea, you’re a video creator. Your content and comments help shape this community. Let’s keep it that way.

Net Neutrality means that your YouTube videos reach people at the same speed as clips from last night’s episode of the Tonight Show. It means a level playing field for video creators looking to reach an audience. But new Net Neutrality rules could mess that up.

Here’s the deal: Telecommunications companies already charge us to access the Internet through our homes and our phones. New FCC rules could allow them to also charge content providers (like YouTube, Netflix, and even PBS) for access to our eyeballs. It could create a fast lane for Jimmy Fallon’s clips, and slow lane for your YouTube videos.

It is really important that the FCC understands that online video creators care about Net Neutrality. Even if you’ve only ever uploaded ONE VIDEO, you are a creator and you have a voice.

If you can, please add your channel to our petition. We’ll deliver this to the FCC in September and demonstrate that the online video community cares about this issue.

Sign the petition, then spread the word.

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It gets worse in the manga…

B E C A U S E   W E   A R E   F R I E N D S .

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Rookie 9 reunited once again! 

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